Urgent Local Animal Welfare Issue That Needs Your Help & Update
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Pocatello moving towards a no-kill shelter


Mayor Blad and City Council Need To Address Local Issues

Pocatello’s Longstanding Feral Cat Issues

The current crisis notwithstanding, local budget forecasts are the next priority for our upcoming city council agendas.

Funding the Pocatello Animal Shelter has long been its ugly stepchild.

Nearly every Pocatello neighborhood has had its issues with feral cats.

An Effective Solution to a Decades-Long Crisis

There now exists a viable Trap/Neuter solution, proposed and funded by a private grant, to begin to neutralize this emerging problem.

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to dramatically exacerbate it. The simple fix rests entirely in the hands of Blad and the City Council.

A Signature and Vote Away From Becoming Reality

A $50,000 Best Friends Animal Society TNR grant sits on the mayor’s desk awaiting approval.

Identical grants have already been adopted in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Hailey, SLC and scores of national communities with extraordinary success rates.

Success Stories 

The Council needs only to budget an additional shelter employee to get the project on its feet.

Statistics from the above-mentioned cities reflect a huge (60 to 80 percent) decrease in seasonal kitten litters as well as substantial euthanasia cost reductions which can easily exceed $50,000 annually here.

These are wasted dollars that serve no benefit in controlling the overall feral cat populations.

Appropriate and Effective Use of Our Tax Dollars

Our tax dollars are there to serve us, not private interests. Every property owner is taxed for services the city provides.

Tax dollars should, in turn, be administered to serve the interests of the taxpayer, which includes the right to an environmentally healthy and comfortable neighborhood.

Our local volunteer animal rescue groups are overwhelmed with tasks and lack manpower only receiving funding from private donations.

There are no other alternatives to resolving this ongoing issue.

With the current lockdown restrictions, conditions will overwhelm us.

How You Can Help

Contact the mayor’s office and Council member’s now to avert a further crisis this summer.

We are on the front lines.  Believe us!

****Please WRITE OR CALL! Tell the Mayor and City Council Members “we need to pass” the Best Friends grant and program. Please be respectful.

Also, PLEASE tell family, friends, and neighbors in our community and encourage them to do the same.

We CANNOT delay.

It is up for a vote in April.  Let’s flood their phones and e-mails.

George Deeb, Portneuf Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (PAWS) Volunteer


Pocatello Representatives Contact Info 

Mayor Brian Blad 

mayor@pocatello.us     208-234-6163


Stevens, Chris City Council Member Seat #1 cstevens@pocatello.us 208-234-6163
Ortega, Claudia City Council Member Seat #2 cortega@pocatello.us 208-234-6163
Bray, Roger City Council Member Seat #3 rbray@pocatello.us 208-234-6163
Adamson, Heidi Council President / City Council Member Seat #4 hadamson@pocatello.us 208-234-6163
Leeuwrik, Linda City Council Member Seat #5 lleeuwrik@pocatello.us 208-234-6163
Cheatum, Rick City Council Member Seat #6 rcheatum@pocatello.us 208-234-6163