The Ugly Fate of Easter Pets
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What Happens to Rabbits and Chicks After Easter?

Like the Arizona rescue organization in the video, PAWS has dealt with countless abandoned, abused, sometimes violently killed ducks, chickens, and rabbits people bought for Easter then got rid of after the holiday.

Do Your Homework

Bringing any pet into your home is a long-term commitment, not a holiday toy to be discarded with broken Easter baskets and plastic grass a few weeks later.

Exotic pets like rabbits and chickens require special care that takes time, money, effort and understanding– it’s not a decision to make lightly!

Easter Pet Life Spans

Rabbit lifespan : 8 – 14 years

Chicken Lifespan : 12 – 14 years

Duck Lifespan : 5- 10 depending on breed and care. Some have lived to be 20 years old!

This is just how long they live! A few more things to consider:

  • Behavior
  • Smell
  • Cost for veterinary care, medicine, food, housing, and emergency expenses for their entire lifespan
  • Emotional & physical needs
  • How the family will share care responsibilities
  • Landlord approval

If you have the resources are ready to make the commitment, please consider adopting from rescues, first.

Take Action

View or download the tip sheets below to learn how you can report animal abandonment or cruelty:

PDF- for printing

PNG file – for sharing online