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PAWS volunteer Vicki received a visit from a neighbor several weeks back that had spotted a feral mother cat and three kittens in an abandoned barn behind her home. Vicki, the ever-ready pet rescuer, sprung quickly to action trapping two of the intrepid felines. A few calls later and the kittens were on their way to a local kittie nursery to be preened for life in the human realm.

Timid and quite cautious on arrival, the two fuzzy brothers, a soft charcoal with white bib and stockings, gradually adjusted to indoor living conditions with the help of the three resident rescue kittens already ruling the roost. Playful and curious as kittens will be, these two precocious tots are now seeking a permanent residence, following in the footsteps of their adoptive housemates.

Puddy and Tat are two 8 week old long-haired neutered and vaccinated males who enjoy wrestling, eating, sleeping and the great outdoors.

UPDATE: Serendipity ruled on this first Saturday of June as a perfect match materialized out of sheer chance. A trip to the Petco adoption site and a few moments with our young celebrities was all that was needed to whisk the precocious pair off to their new family. Our fortuitous felines now reside among three delighted children and kind parents in their comfortable rural home. When last sighted, Puddy and Tat were cradled in the irresistible snuggle of a child’s embrace. A happy and abundant life surely awaits.