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Our First Spring Adoptions

We received a call in early April from a resident who had been caring for a small feral pride on the southwest side. She had discovered five sheltered kittens at the foot of her basement door and a diligent mother cat keeping constant watch. Still only two weeks old, she observed the protective mother relocating the clutch from time to time. A good friend offered to raise and adopt two of the ferals leaving the mother with an easier task. The mother had avoided capture for years relying on cunning and perseverance to survive adversaries and the elements. She had borne previous litters always avoiding capture.

Deciding it was time to separate the kittens and socialize them, the now five-week-olds were captured and forced to live with the annoyance of human habitation. Fortunately, they didn’t seem to mind. Two female calicos and a pitch black male had inherited mother’s while and responded with aplomb to human care and attention, so much so that all were adopted away so abruptly that we were reluctant to let them leave so soon.

Einie, the smallest female, has eyes which appear to understand every spoken word and immediately understood the mechanics of the litter box, hence the name. She currently resides in Syracuse, Utah embellishing a household of delighted children and very accommodating pets, not to mention mom and dad. Her name is now LuLu. The twosome of Humphrey, the black male, and Hannah are inseparable and headed to a life of high adventure on a rural ranch in southern Idaho where we expect they’ll uncover things yet undiscovered in their young lives.