Smokie (7/21/2017) - Missing Cat lost around ISU area. Please call 240-3363 or 240-3132, Thank you.
Java (7/9/2017) - His name is Java and he is about 13 years old. He prefers to stay inside and is without a collar or chip. He ran away on the 3rd of July and probably would have been found behind the Winco by the intersection of Alameda St. and Yellowstone St. Please contact owner with any info...
Unknown (7/3/2017) - Very young male black and while border collie, (assumed). Hidden Village Pocatello ID dpwoodsgrl(at) yahoo(dot) com
Sister and baby (6/17/2017) - My cats sister 2 year old siamese female and her 8month daughter are missing. When they went missing they were both wearing leashes. There were lost near Idaho power and albertsons 208 200 3436
simon (6/5/2017) - Simon is a five year old white and brown long hair cat. His back and part of his head are brown. He has a white tummy, legs, and half of his face. He was last seen on Monday in inkom near city hall on rapid creek. Simon is wearing a green collar with his name...
Rocksee (5/6/2017) - She is a 3 year old border collie/ blue heeler cross. She is fixed but didn’t have her tags on her. She was last seen in my living room on April 22nd in the old town area near Irving middle school. Please call 207-317-1814 if you see her.
Ipa (4/30/2017) - Ipa is a mini brown daschound she went missing Tuesday night she went through the doggie door and has yet to return, she was wearing a pink collar. She went missing on Hiline RD and Sage Hollow. We’re offering a reward if found.  Please contact owner at maddieclaire18 (at) me (dot) com
No name on collar (4/15/2017) - Found small dog on the corner of Terry and Hospital Way at 9 pm, Saturday, April 15th.  Little terrier with brown-reddish spots, see picture.  Please email ASAP. mpearhill(at)gmail(dot)com
Shadow (4/5/2017) - Shadow is a domestic shorthand who Is about 10 months old now and is complete black with NO TAIL! I miss her dearly and want her home. Please contact the owner with any information at bvbarmy1215 (at) gmail (dot) com. 
Seymour (3/19/2017) - It is likely Seymour has been missing since Friday, 3/17. He is closest to the coloring of a tabby but has some tan too. He has the stripes of a tabby. He has distinct white spots along his back and is a bit overweight. He doesn’t have a collar and may be jumpy or scared....