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Sometimes you can see some strange things in the Idaho Outback. A few weeks ago up by Marsh Creek a couple of men in a cement truck watched a little dog covered in porcupine quills come up to them. She was asking for their help. The men named her “Poke”.

They called the Bannock County Sheriff who in turn called PAWS. Arrangements were quickly made and a volunteer met the men at the truck stop and got the little dog. She and another PAWS volunteer then took the dog to the Animal Health Clinic of Blackfoot where she received life-saving help. Because of the quills in her mouth, she could not eat or drink and was thin and dehydrated. She probably would not have lasted much longer.

This is an “Idaho Fairy Tale”. The little dog did recover with the help of many hands including a volunteer foster parent. Shortly after this story appeared in the Idaho State Journal, Poke found her forever home. Truly anything is ‘pawsible.’

This story first appeared in the Idaho State Journal on 7/20/08. The “Tale” was written by Tina Christensen, owner of Portneuf Kennels. To read more “Tales of Tails” written by Tina visit her website,