Mufasa was living his own “Goldilocks” story when he showed up uninvited and unannounced and made himself at home in a barn cat’s haystack. 

At first, he was comfortable sleeping between two bales of hay, but he soon decided that bed was too hard. 

Then he tried sleeping on a blanket on the top of the haystack but soon decided that was too soft.

Then he decided to sleep in the barn cats igloo and soon decided that bed was just right.

The only problem was the barn cat was protesting loudly that some freeloader had taken over her haystack. 

Calls were made and everyone thought he must be lost so Mufasa’s picture was spread far and wide on facebook looking for his home.

The barn cat tired of waiting decided to leave home until the freeloading Mufasa got off her haystack. 

Mufasa was then introduced to the good life in a foster home and the barn cat, who was still mad, came home a day later.

Mufasa is now up for adoption because all attempts at finding his owner have failed. 

He is now living peacefully with other cats and a large dog and sleeping on the bed at night…even better than the barn cat’s igloo. 

The barn cat is also living in peace with her own haystack back in her possession. 

If you would like to give the freeloading Mufasa a new home please call his foster family at 717-542-4496