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Add a Lost/Found Pet


  • Write a detailed description.

    This can include color, breed, age, collar–anything that will help identify the pet

  • Time and location.

    Include details of when and where the pet was lost/found

  • Provide contact info.

    This is a must! Please include a namephone number or email address

  • Add a picture if you have one.

    Pictures really help. The clearer the better. 

  • Contact the animal shelter

    Be sure to share your information with the animal shelters– they can keep an eye out for your pet.

    If you’ve found a pet, they may in contact with the owner and can help reunite them. 

    Pocatello Animal Services 


    Chubbuck Animal Services


  • Keep in touch.

    We care about your pets. Unfortunately, we receive too many submissions to do individual follow-ups. If you find your pet or the lost pet’s owner, please let us know!

Lost/Found Pet