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Portneuf Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (PAWS) is committed to the rescue, fostering and rehabilitation of all animals victimized by abuse, negligence or injury. In order to exercise a total no-kill philosophy, PAWS mission is to restore the health and dignity of all living creatures and to provide each individual a safe, secure future and ultimately to encourage through education, the promotion of low-cost pet spay and neuter programs preventing the birth of unwanted and neglected animals.

The Portneuf Animal Welfare Society, established in 2004, has been administering animal rescue services across Bannock, Bingham and Power counties for over 9 years. Whether providing food, shelter, or medical care for abandoned and neglected cats and dogs, rescuing livestock from abusive owners, or helping to limit the profusion of feral colonies, the several volunteers of PAWS dedicate their collective time and energy to promote the health, safety and welfare of the areas large and small animals in need.

PAWS is a non-profit organization depending entirely upon donations raised through private contributions and an annual yard sale of donated items. Pet food costs alone exceed $500/month with an additional $3,000/month in veterinary expenditures, pharmaceuticals and boarding.


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DAIRY PRODUCTS ARE LETHAL TO KITTENS. It will give them Diarrhea. Feed the kitten replacement formula only.

BE AWARE OF THE HEAT AND YOUR PETS - Please provide adequate water, provide adequate shade, even air conditioning. Beware of hot pickup truck beds, if you can't leave your hand on the metal, it is too hot for your dog's feet. Beware of the back of pickup trucks all together, this is not a safe place for your dog! They depend on us to take care of them. Be a loving, thinking pet owner.

SEVERAL DOGS ON THE WEST SIDE HAVE BEEN POISONED. Take care walking your dogs in the City and Trail Crk area. Please contact us with any information. 339-0258

THERE IS AN INFESTATION OF TICKS THIS YEAR. Please check your pets and yourselves closely.

Purchase Spay and Neuter Certificates Every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm at Chubbuck Petco

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June Health Clinic Was A Success!

PAWS Benefit Auction

Support PAWS and get some great items at the same time. Bid online any time before the auction closes Wednesday, August 26th at 1pm. Original Art, Lamps, Fishing, Camping, Pin-Up Art, Sizzix, Toys, Tinker Toys, My Little Pony, Baseball & Football Equip, Camera Accessories, Retro Decor, Coleman, Tupperware, Fire King, Pyrex, Cast Iron, Kitchenware, Cake Pans, Mary Engelbreit, Picnic, Crafts & MORE! Lots 8200 - 8275


"...I haven’t words enough to express my gratitude to P.A.W.S. nor to emphasize enough what a difference they made for this tiny helpless squirrel. Their kindness surpasses; their dedication surpasses; their knowledge surpasses; their networking surpasses; their willingness to trouble themselves to help others surpasses..."
- Linda

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With a look back at the year 2014 and my personal reflection on its meaning, I am compelled in this public way to write my thanks for the organization P.A.W.S. , the Pocatello Animal Welfare Society.

In early September 2014 after a night of strong winds in my neighborhood I became the surprise custodian of a baby squirrel who had fallen from a nest in a tree in my back yard. Not knowing anything at all about baby squirrels, I needed help urgently to learn how to help this baby.

I went to the telephone to consult every local person, office, agency, and group I could think of, but after many calls I had no result, not even the slightest lead on whom else to call. I was astonished that experts who I felt would surely have such experience, or who would quickly put me in touch with those who do, had nothing to suggest.

Meanwhile, I went to the Internet to glean any advice I could find. I was fortunate there to learn that the baby needed help immediately to get warm, to be rehydrated, and to be offered back to his mother, and that each of these has to be done properly in order for the baby to survive. As the hours passed, I also learned that I needed the help of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Back from the store with supplies I would not even have known to get without the help of the Internet, I continued to search for any local resource I had missed and now for wildlife rehabilitators too. Finally, one phone call brought the suggestion that I contact P.A.W.S.

Like the others I had contacted, P.A.W.S. did not know immediately whom to route me to but, alone among those others, they looked into it. Within an hour or two they telephoned me with contact information for the nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitators who specialize in squirrels, and within minutes I was in touch with one. That rehabilitator was a lifesaver, advising me in detail on what to do and putting me in touch with resources from which I could learn more. She also put me in touch with one of her co-workers who lives closer to Pocatello, who also was a lifesaver for me.

P.A.W.S. stayed in touch with me to follow up, standing ready to work more on the case if needed.

I haven’t words enough to express my gratitude to P.A.W.S. nor to emphasize enough what a difference they made for this tiny helpless squirrel. Their kindness surpasses; their dedication surpasses; their knowledge surpasses; their networking surpasses; their willingness to trouble themselves to help others surpasses.

Pocatello now has a beautiful, healthy, happy, well-adjusted young squirrel whose fate would surely have been a tragedy without the help of P.A.W.S. And Pocatello now has one more citizen who stands in awestruck gratitude for that organization.

"I lost my mini Daschund on saturday 7/12 and searched for her for days, I was starting to lose hope when I received a call from a volunteer worker today. Thanks to PAWS she was located and returned to me! Thanks so much for all the help to locate my little doggie!"
- Elizabeth Brod

"The people from PAWS were very nice and helpful to me when my cat went missing. They posted an alert on their website right away, told me everyone to notify, sent people to my neighborhood to look for her, and even texted me regularly to see how I was doing. They are the ones that told me to wait until late in the middle of the night to go looking for her, which is how I found her. These are good people doing good work! If you have the extra time or money, please send it their way. They have more than earned it!"

"I am happy to inform you that we found Tikka! She was clear down on South 2nd. She was well appears none the worse for wear. Thank you for your help and support!" - Jolene

Celebrating Women - Jo Lynn Anderson

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Thank you for your support!

Portneuf Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (PAWS) needs Dog Runs, Kennel Fencing, Portable Sheds, Large and small animal cages and any usable portable outdoor structure. Please call 339-0258 or 339-4183.


As cute and irresisable as these playful companions are,there remain literally hundreds of unneutered feral and domestic cats and dogs in our area alone and those numbers are continually on the rise.PAWS volunteers have taken great pleasure in fostering and placing young kittens, cats and dogs but the reality remains, for every one successfully placed adoption, countless others languish in hopeless despair.Starvation, disease and exposure are cruel bedfellows.Please patronize our shelters and animal welfare organizations by adopting locally and by having your pet spayed or neutered. Enrich your life. Call to adopt a pet today.